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My name is Scott the creator of KISSystem.com "The World's Simplest Stock Market System." The purpose of this webpage is to centralize the available information for the prospective student into a simple but informative webpage.

The site will take you step by step answering many of your questions. I look forward to meeting you personally to provide you with whatever information you may need to make an informed decision for yourself.

When my friend told me many years ago that his buddies were making a "killing" in the stock market as "traders", I told him to run for the hills and also made a few other not so nice comments to him as well. You see, as a former stock broker, I was taught that "trading" the market was BAD. I was taught that most people who trade the market LOSE their money. I was trying to protect my friend from losing his money. The funny thing...HE was a self made millionaire...I was a BROKE former stock broker who thought I knew everything.

After hearing all the negative things I had to say, he looked at me and said "get in the truck." We hopped in his truck and drove up the road to a simple "Rambler" style house. We knocked on the door and after pleasant greetings we were escorted downstairs to an UNFINISHED basement room. There was a large table with three computers along with office style chairs, but NO carpet! No sheetrock on the walls, just 2x4 studded walls. I was giggling to myself getting ready for the old "I told you so."

There was one person sitting in front of each of the three computers. Each computer had charts on the screen. As a former stock broker I picked up on what they were talking about pretty quickly...quicker than my friend, but needless to say, up to this point I was not very impressed.

After being in the basement for about 10-15 minutes, I saw something that completely changed my life! I saw this gentlemen get in a "trade." I didn't completely understand WHY he got in the trade, didn't really know WHAT he was trading, but what I DID understand was the MONEY I was seeing. I saw this gentleman make just under $23,000 in less than 5 minutes! My mouth dropped! I couldn't speak...just mumbled. My buddy just started to laugh at me. After a few moments, I composed myself. I thought to myself..."OK, even a blind squirrel can get lucky and fund a nut in the forest once, this has to be pure luck." Then, in the next 30 minutes or so, I saw this gentleman make two more SIMILAR trades...I couldn't believe my eyes. In less than an hour, I saw this gentleman make what most people make in a YEAR!

Needless to say, that was a life changing moment for me. For that reason, I have recorded a couple trades for you to review. You will NOT see the same kind of money as I was fortunate to see, but I think it will be enough to get your attention. You're going to see a 48% return in 20 minutes while the market was going UP, and 56% return in 12 minutes while the market was going DOWN! That's right; you can make money in the stock market when it goes up AND down. Would it change how you thought of the stock market IF you knew HOW to make money in UP and DOWN markets?

You can EXPAND any of the movies to full-screen by clicking the button on the bottom right corner...enjoy! Did that peak some interest? Those trades were done on the Russell 2000 emini, the following movie titled "The One Hour Workday" shows an S&P 500 emini trade, where I actually pause the recording to narrate what I was doing. Enjoy! OK, now you've seen it for yourself. You've actually seen money being made in the stock market while the price was going DOWN. Unless you're familiar with the stock market, you probably never thought that was even possible.

Please don't get me wrong, you're NOT going to start off making $1,000-$2,000 per day...it just isn't going to happen like that. Most of our students have either NEVER traded before, or have traded some, but are not profitable. We begin by teaching you to make $100 per contract traded per day. I know, this doesn't sound like a lot of money, BUT, once a student learns how to do this on a daily basis...the sky is the limit!

The next step is to TEACH you one of our trade "set ups." We call this the MAT trade. It's a simple 2 step trade. It's the first trade we teach our new students. Watch the following movie to see IF it makes sense. Can you follow these two steps? IF so, you could be a successful trader. At this point prospective students usually start asking IF they can talk with other students to hear what they have to say about KISS. Click on the link below to hear for yourself. Alright, you've seen the trades for yourself. You've learned the two steps of the MAT trade. You've heard what other students are saying about KISS. Now its time to outline HOW the course works, WHEN it is taught, how much it will cost, and how we've put together a program to help you PAY for your education. In fact, we've put together a program where you can get PAID to LEARN how to trade. Enjoy. OK, if you're still here, you're interested in what KISS could provide for you. You want to believe what you're seeing is true, but you're still concerned that maybe all these movies are "hand picked" to make KISS look good. Is there REALLY an opportunity to make money every day? The answer is yes, at least most days. Some days are better than others of course.

How about IF we put our money where our mouth is? Would that put your mind at ease? We actually have a 120% Guarantee. If our signals do NOT provide for at LEAST a 120% profit OPPORTUNITY your first month with KISS, we'll give you your money back! Fair enough? The next step is up to you, we can talk one-on one in order to get your questions answered. You could attend one of our FREE web-conferences and/or you could fill out the new student paperwork, submit it to us to find out IF you qualify to become a KISS student. The paperwork is downloadable via the link below. To arrange attendance to a web-conference and/or a personal interview please send me an email at Scott@KISSystem.com.

Thank you for your time, and until we have a chance to talk...have a profitable day!